According to a study, around 55% of men are not happy with the girth and size of their penis. People undergo many surgeries or have pills which are full of side effects to grow the size of their penis. Nowadays, many penis enlargement products are introduced in the market which is proven to be very safe and one such product is the Male Edge.

The company which has created Jes extender has also created Male Edge extender. This company have years of experience in making the devices for male enhancement. The Male Edge extender is better than the Jes extender or one can say it that it is an improvement over the jes extender.

Male Edge is a device for penis enlargement that is been designed to safely and comfortably grow the size of the penis without any surgical or chemical usage. It is easier to use, more effective and more comfortable.

It uses 100% natural techniques. It comes in three versions:

  • Male Edge Extra
  • Male Edge Pro
  • Male Edge Basic.

The major benefits of this device is that it increases the width of the penis up to 12%, increases the length of penis up to 24%, enables harder and stronger erections and straightens bent/curved penises by up to 90% in just 12 months.

Another benefit provided by the Male Edge extender is that it is very comfortable that means the more comfortable it is to wear the more the person will wear it and for longer period of time. This means that it will increase more in size.

The comfort of it is provided by three components which is a soft rubber strap that holds down the penis, a layer of cohesive gauze that adds to the securing of the strap and a pad of foam which wraps around the penis to cushion it.

You must be thinking how it works

Here, is the answer to it. The body of the human has a natural ability to grow and expand under the pressure. The device is built up in this basic principle.

This device is the concept of traction in action. This system has a natural capacity to develop and increase underneath the pressure. It is an effective and simple method that has been proven clinically to work.

When the pressure is been applied to the tissues of penile then its cells divide and grow. The results of it is wider and longer penis because here more tissues are formed. This device also works for correcting the curved penis.

It is the same plan that some of the primitive tribes are using for ages to stretch selected body parts of human such as lips, ear lobes, neck. The effects of the Male Edge are long lasting. If it is been utilized persistently then it is been verified to operate well.

The final results of it are based on the frequency of usage. It can also be worn if the wearer is engaged in their daytime routine. One should surely try it if he is thinking of enlarging his penis.

A Male Edge penis extender can be used with products like ExtenZe to improve the results.