Penis exercises are the most recommended method of enlarging the penis. This is because it provides lasting or permanent increase in the girth and length of the penis. It is very crucial to perform some warm up exercises before performing the exercise to avoid injuring the penis. Warm down exercises are also very important to cool the penis nerves and tissues after exercises.

A good number of enlargement products include these natural exercises in their programs. This gives a simple explanation on how indeed these exercises are very important. Furthermore, these exercises make pubococcygeus muscles stronger hence eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation.

Apart from enlarging the penis in girth and length, the exercises also improve the man’s sexual performance. However, regular practice of these exercises is very important to see the result within a short period of time. You are also advised to do proper research before settling in any penis enlargement program.

SizeGenetic system is the most recommended due to its natural and unique enlargement exercise. These exercises as well provide safe and long lasting solutions. The following are major types of penis exercises.

Stretching – This is the most natural and simple method enlarging your penis. Stretch your penis regularly and try to learn all stretching exercise.

Penis Extenders –.This is the most popular exercise of enlarging your penis. These extenders works on the principle of stretching and they come in different types. Penis pal and male edge extenders are best examples.

Penis Hangers – They as well work on the stretching principle. You only need to hang some weight to cause tension on your penis. LG Hanger is the most popular hanger.

Kegels –Kegels makes your penis muscles stronger, harder and gives longer erection. They also improve blood flow to the penis tissues. These are the major types of penis exercise. They are simple but it calls for commitment and hard work to achieve the desired results.