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Extenze review 2019ExtenZe pills can seriously improve your sex life on so many levels.
I have been a happy user for the past 4 months and have enjoyed every moment of it (Including my girlfriend).
I'm getting a massive boner every morning after I started using the pills, before it rarly happend.
Let's look at some of the benefits.
ExtenZe benfits:

  • Improved erection size by up to 25%
  • Increased libido
  • Stronger erections
  • Last longer than ever
  • Massive orgasms

I recommend ExtenZe pills for men who want extra strong erections and long lasting sex.
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With the controversy surrounding male enhancement pills and supplements lately, the product you pick as your ultimate go-to remains a matter of individual conscience.

So many manufacturers, both legit and bogus, have littered the once reliable market and consumers are getting torn between the equally hyped products, most of the time ending up with the wrong bottles in their shopping carts and ultimately accepting and settling for their below-par performance in the sack.

You know what that translates to?

A super boring relationship.

I would like to introduce you to Extenze, a name you’ve probably heard a couple of times but makes you cringe just like the rest of the products that let you down.

I’m a man; I’ve been using the product for close to three months now, and to ease you of any confusion, I decided to write a review of Extenze according to what I’ve experienced and, of course, what you should expect.

So, what is Extenze?

I just realized I could be talking about something that has never been mentioned within your earshot, and so I’m going to begin with what exactly Extenze is.

It’s a male enhancement product that has been with us for close to a decade now ranking as one of the 21st century’s most acclaimed products of its kind. The main idea behind the concoction is to increase penis size, enhance harder erections, longer lasting bedroom sessions and, yes,…make you feel like a teenager again.

Quite a poised blurb from the manufacturer there, but does the product live up to the expectations?

Does Extenze work?

Yes it does. I’ve been using it for three months, remember?

Not one – because that’s basically the longest I can give a prescription that doesn’t work.

What’s more, I’ve been following forums on the internet to see if my experience is a matter of coincidence, and if the testimonies I’ve seen there are anything to go by, then Extenze is bound to work in just about any man.

Researches show that the product’s secret is the balanced combination of the natural ingredients it’s composed of.

Extenze Ingredients

Extenze ingredient labelExtenze is made up of the following key ingredients:

  • Korean Ginseng
  • Micronized DHEA
  • Hops extract
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • Pumpkin extract
  • Eleuthero extract
  • Tribulus extract
  • Yohimbe bark
  • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

Sure, I know very little about these natural ingredients (just as you probably know nothing about whatever makes Panadol) but as long as they do something, and they do something good, I’m not just about to start delving into their origins and scientific names on Google.

How does Extenze work?

In spite of my reluctance to query effective remedies, I was interested in how Extenze, explicably because I wouldn’t want to ruin my continence in the name of looking for rock-hard erections.

Well, the combination of the above ingredients if mixed in the right proportions, according to experts, directs more blood into the penis and causes harder and longer erections. There are more technical explanations to this but more blood to the penis’ is where they all led me to.

Some other proven formulas are said to play around with the part of the brain that makes you want to have sex and that’s why they are a no-no to me. Not like it’s bound to happen, but then I fear going crazy more than anything.

What does Extenze do?

According to the manufacturer, the formula does the following:

  • Increase penis size
  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Heighten libido
  • Increase endurance

That’s their version. My side of the story is that, yes, the supplement massively increases your libido, and makes you last really long in the sack, but I have nothing for the penile size increase part.

Of course we can’t rule out the possibility that what I have in my pants is the largest a male human being can possess, hence no room for improvement, but if not, then the whole thing could well be a sales gimmick.

Extenze results

The supplements starts showing significant effects in as little as one week, according to the manufacturer. For me, they didn’t have us on or in any way try to because I actually started experiencing effects almost as soon as I embarked on the dosage.

I was already a living testimony in less than two weeks, and I honestly think Extenze deserve a pat on the back for under-hyping their product.

If you have erectile dysfunction, you may have to wait a little longer to start having proper erections. But for people who just don’t think their penises get hard enough to take them through hour of serious sex, Extenze works like magic.

Extenze side-effects

Without leaving anything out, here are the side effects a number of users have reportedly experienced:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Migraines
  • Mood swings and increased anxiety

Allergic reactions have been the most widely reported, and this basically applies to virtually all sex enhancement supplements. If you have no history of such reactions, though, the chances that you will experience the side effects are minimal. If you’re unsure about yourself, check with your physician before embarking on Extenze or any other sexual enhancement formula.

Tell me more about sex enhancement supplements

You can find a lot of information about different sex enhancement supplements, one of the best pages can be found here sex enhancement supplements for men.

You can also read more about supplements and how they work in this study here.

Extenze price

extenze money back guaranteeThe lowest you can get a 60-pill bottle for is $24.95. As a buyer incentive, three bottles go for $52.95, which is literally way less than the price of two bottles bought separately.

You’re required to take two pills in every 24 hours, and so a bottle will last for one month. Three bottles will take you through 3 months; coincidentally, the recommended average period for taking Extenze is 3 to 4 months. Most people would prefer buying one bottle at a time so that just in case it doesn’t work there will be little to lose, but I would recommend the three bottle bundle if you’re on a tight budget and have a medical past free of allergic reactions.

Do I recommend Extenze?

Well, I probably have exhausted the positives and negatives of Extenze. It’s now up to you to weigh up your fear for allergic reactions against your need for a better penis and make a decision. But if my experience in any way counts, I would recommend you give the supplement a go.

As I stated earlier, there are probably more than a handful of remedies out on the market that may work just as well as Extenze, but I have always believed that a tested and tried option when your health is at stake is the go-to option.

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